Join the Battle for Our Native Birds



STEP 1: Get a trap.

We are currently making traps available for free. There are active predator free community groups in Matua, Merivale, Te Puke, Maketu and Little Waihi, Paengaroa and Pukehina. If you live in these areas, click on the button below to get a trap.

Don’t forget to register your trap and log your kills at so we can track kills and see where any hotspots may be.


STEP 2: Register your trap.

By registering your trap and logging your kills you’re helping us keep track of rat and mice populations and you might also win some prizes too!

Registering is easy, just click here:

STEP 3: Set up your trap.

The trap box is designed to keep larger animals and small fingers safe and also to make sure the trap works as humanely as possible. We recommend you keep your trap inside the box and keep it set with fresh bait at all times.

How to set your trap:

The best lures to use are peanut butter, milk chocolate, dog or cat food, piece of bacon. Try a different lure if one isn’t working for you.

Rats and mice don’t like to run across open areas like lawns. They prefer to use plants and buildings as cover. So, the best place for your trap is beside a wall or fence.

When you catch a mouse or rat, dispose of it in your household rubbish or bury it in the garden. Then remember to log your kills here.

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