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bait recipes and Lure tips

Cam’s 'Old-time Trapper' Stopper Mix

Ingredients (adjust to suit your needs)

10kg plain flour

1kg icing sugar

1kg milk powder

50 - 100mls of some form of lure (vanilla, peach, cinnamon)


Layer your chosen lure into the dry mix in a large plastic bin (with a lid), and stir thoroughly to allow the scent to impregnate right through. Transfer the 'stopper' mix into a portable container, such as 2 litre milk bottle container for use in the backyard or the field.

How to use

Throw a handful of the mix on the ground or rub onto trees near (NOT on!) trapping devices. Scuff ground severely around trap each visit - This is to create as much interest as possible for the pest to come check your trap out!

Francis’ Peanut Butter and Rolled Oats Bait


·         50% Peanut Butter

·         20% Rolled oats

·         20% Margarine

·         10% Vegetable oil


Heat ingredients together in the microwave and stir until semi fluid.

How to use

Use liberally in bait cup and around trapping tunnel.

NB: Ants can take the soluble mixture but they can’t get away with the rolled oats, so there should always be something left to attract rats.

Caught rat/mouse

Use a freshly caught rat or mouse as a lure to attract other pest animals. Place the dead rat or mouse directly next to the trapping tunnel. If you aren’t squeamish you could also rub the pest over the trapping tunnel to scent it.